Multicolor Combo Unit


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16′ Wide
27′ Long


Get ready to paint your event with a splash of excitement with our Multicolor Combo Unit! Measuring an impressive 16 feet wide and 27 feet long, this inflatable wonder is your ticket to a day filled with endless fun and laughter! 🎉🏰🌈

Looking for the ultimate bounce house rental to elevate your party game? Look no further! Our Multicolor Combo Unit is the perfect blend of bouncing, sliding, and all-out entertainment. Get ready to bounce like there’s no tomorrow, slide with wild abandon, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At iParty Rental Miami, we’re all about turning your event into a carnival of joy! Our Multicolor Combo Unit is designed with safety and excitement in mind, ensuring a worry-free and laughter-filled experience for all ages.

Watch as the fun unfolds and kids bounce, slide, and play in this vibrant wonderland. Whether it’s a birthday bash, a family reunion, or a neighborhood gathering, our Multicolor Combo Unit guarantees a day of unforgettable moments.

Ready to turn your event into a technicolor celebration? Let the Multicolor Combo Unit be the star of your party, painting smiles on every face and creating an atmosphere of pure delight!

For the ultimate bounce house rental that guarantees a day of boundless fun, iParty Rental Miami is your go-to choice. Contact us now and get ready to bounce, slide, and bounce some more in an explosion of color and happiness! 🎈🎉🌈



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